The heart is everything, Ovid said, for in the heart lies all that is human, and what belongs to the divine too.

Several years ago, in a flea market in Brussels, a merchant who was selling old style pins and earrings from a distant time, those that had shapes and colors that I had never seen before, and that seemed to be old jewelries, made me feel somehow haunted since the more I observed them the more seductively they become.

From that far away year, in Paris, Cuba, Berlin, everywhere I have been I bought vintage jewelry and went back home carrying with me my little and odd treasure. Not mentioning all Italian antique markets that I was busy visiting during my weekends.

I myself could not imagine how I would use all those little wonders, including so many watches in every shape and from every age, an ineluctable symbol of the flowing of time.

One day, by chance, in a jewelry shop, a wooden heart has attracted my attention and bought it.

In the same evening that day, I started to glue it using the hot glue technique, creating my first pin, then, gradually and meticulously trying to add other little objects on it, using those pieces that I had among the wonders I possessed.

As I proceeded, I felt myself as part of the heart I was creating, feeling a passion that made me forget about everything.

For days and nights I was driven by my soul and my creativity, which had led me to a meticulous aesthetic search. My heart gained its own life. I have worked intensively for more than three weeks, trying over and over various combinations, looking for the best combinations up to reach a result that seemed to be accomplished one.

So the "art of hearts" has begun!

Each heart has its own artistic and unique path, as are unique the pieces that compound it.

It is the evocation of a situation, a feeling, a state of mind.

But ... I have already tried to explain these inexplicable words already, observe my hearts then, it is up to you who possess the art of understanding them.


The small objects that form the words of the tale that each "heart" tells, come from markets of all over the world.

The value of each "heart" lies in the artistic inspiration from which the composition is born, but also in the quality of each component, both the result of a long and painstaking research.

In each "heart" there are precious pieces and simple pieces, vintage pieces, modern and contemporary, modern and contemporary, that live side by side with one logic of a storytelling and an aesthetic choice.


Butterflies, portraits, watches, necklaces, brooches, rhinestones, rings, precious and non-precious stones, Swarovski, all these little pieces together, these objects find a new life for the pleasure of those who admire them.

Enjoy them as a whole but take the time to admire in detail the many elements that are part of each heart, and maybe you will find out the story the artist wanted to narrate, little by little.

They are beautiful hearts to be owned but also to be donated because they bring inside themselves an emotional and rare wealth.


It is not easy to express all the admiration that is felt in front of these hearts, which are not only beautiful, but also passionate and artistically baroque, in the sense that they express a great and rich in creativity heart. Within these hearts there is a little tiny world and a story still to be read and be discovered. But as in every story worthy of being told, what matters are the details that give a sense to the whole, to everything. Stare on the details and let yourself to be enchanted by the landscape of the heart. You will fell astonished and refreshed inside your soul, as after diving into an exciting novel, full of love and fidelity - to art, to creativity, and to life.

Andrea Demarchi


Other creations.

Mirrors, boxes and tables have been inspired by my previous theatrical experience, since in the past I have also created scenery objects.

The inspiration, in this case, was inspired by some trips to India, among the immense markets full of resin and glass jewelry, rare beautiful colorful trimmings, fabrics in gaudy colors, mirrors and much more things which list would be endless.

The work was demanding, not only for the combinations of colors and forms, but also for the amount of time it was necessary to create it; quite often it was required six months to create a single piece! Of course, the final result was surprisingly charming and fascinating, even though the creativity was indissolubly linked to a tiring and repetitive ability.

Since the mirrors are very spacious and heavy and the tables are bulky; if you are interested in purchasing, we should discuss about the delivery conditions.

Thank you,